Recent Deals and Press

Q1 + Q2 /2019

  • CRYPTOPIAFILM wrapped production after filming in Japan, Hong Kong, USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany and Australia.
  • Torsten was a panelist at AIDC in Melbourne again and talked about the crowdfunding campaign for CryptopiaFilm. Torsten also spoke at a conference in Hong Kong about producing this documentary. We are preparing for the festival circuit and our first ever theatrical release
  • 4K Content Hub negotiated a large package deal of 4k UHD documentary titles for mainland China 4K
  • Together with our American partner we acquired the versioning rights of a 4k HDR feature documentary from NHK Japan. The new 52-minute version has been rewritten and edited and is now ready to be distributed
  • We licensed a few of our documentaries to Latin America as a 4k package deal
  • We delivered 3D shortfilms and documentary to a new mobile client who has licensed a large portion of our original stereoscopic 3D library
  • Virtual Reality seems to be making a come-back in some markets but the demand for licensing content remains low
  • We are re-branding as 3dch media and are launching a new website and logo. We intend to slowly move away from distribution and into production and co-production.

Q3 + Q4/2018

  • Licensed The Wild Pacific and Bitcoin: The End of Money to several airlines for their in-flight-entertainment systems. Smaller licensing deals in Germany, Spain and the US.
  • Crowdfunded our new blockchain documentary “CRYPTOPIA” on Kickstarter and achieved 650,000 impressions on social media during the 4-week campaign.
  • Our first grant from Screen Australia, the public funding body. Announcement here. We also secured a pre-sale from a German broadcaster. Our crew has been shooting in Germany, UK and the USA.
  • While the Virtual Reality industry has not achieved mainstream adoption VCG’s production entities in Germany and France are seeing increased demand for projects, installations and post production
  • License term extensions for several deals in Europe for Wild Gibraltar, Angkor, Moonshots.
  • Our first Bitcoin film continues to perform well on iTunes and Amazon.
  • Our Korean partner, the animation company XrisP has successfully launched their new TV series in China and has started to roll out theme parks and
  • We successfully raised finishing funds for our history documentary on Kickstarter. This project is scheduled to finish production in January 2019.
  • The market place continues to develop new formats largely driven by the hardware (TV) manufacturers. There is higher client interest for 4k HDR. Japan is still the only territory with an appetite for 8k content.
  • 4K has now reached the mainstream. Even ‘regular’ broadcasters and VOD platforms acquire and produce in 4k to future proof their libraries. Both the supply and the demand for 4k are increasing steadily.
  • We introduced a new section to our website which features a wider range of services that we have been offering to clients over the years. Check it out here.

Q1 + Q2/2018

  • Content aggregation: We provided a large package of 360 degree films to a major VR platform
  • We sold a package of VR films to a European client
  • Speaking engagement as VR expert at Australia’s largest non-fiction industry conference AIDC
  • Our production experts in Germany has launched a volumetric video capturing studio with renowned partners. After 360 and 3D 360, volumetric is the next step in the evolution of ever improving video productions
  • 4k documentaries were licensed to Japan for VOD rights. We continue to get strong demand for our UHD content from the Chinese market.
  • The Wild Pacific was picked up by several airlines (inflight entertainment) and a PayTV client in Latin America
  • Yosemite licensed to TV manufacturer for retail display exhibition
  • 4k Blurays licensed non-exclusively to the USA and Canada
  • UHD Bluray label business is picking up in Germany
  • Our German office continues to expand into digital rights and is reassessing opportunities in the Home Entertainment sector
  • Our history documentary production is back on track after a few obstacles
  • We have successfully funded a large portion of our new blockchain film production
  • We have started production for this documentary in Melbourne and Tokyo and are looking forward to shooting in America and Europe next.
  • For the first time in our company history we are applying for development and production grants at our film commission Screen Australia while our first Bitcoin film continues to perform on several VOD platforms
  • 4k Content Hub manages the footage rights for some of our filmmakers and short clips produced in HDR are popular on some platforms-
  • We’re proud to see our long-time partner WildEarth Media expand into the underwater world


  • International business trips for conferences and meetings in Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, and Singapore.
  • Speaking gigs at MIPCOM, Medientage, and VR Days. First time attendance at ATF
  • The price of Bitcoin has increased 40x since we released our documentary about the topic. The recent media interest has motivated us to start work on a second updated documentary about crypto currencies
  • Production for our history documentary has started
  • We experience a drop in interest for passive and monoscopic 360 videos
  • VCG continues to produce VR content for several clients and live stream events in 3D360. The group also supports several international film festivals
  • Exclusive partnership with a French production and distribution company
  • Several new TV series and documentaries inn 4k HDR, 8k or VR are in development
  • Content licensing deals in the USA, Korea, Japan, Israel, Kenya, Georgia, China, Taiwan, Spain, and Inflight&Hotel Entertainment systems


  • VCG started to exclusively aggregate and deliver licensed 360 and 3D360 content to one of the largest VR platforms in the USA
  • VCG representatives spoke, exhibited and presented at VR events in 6 countries including Japan
  • More than 20 new productions, typically in 3D360
  • VCG signs up 6 new producers as global sales agent
  • VCG develops a premium slate of own-IP projects for funding and co-productions
  • 4k Content Hub continues to thrive as UHD becomes the new standard. We keep ahead of the competition by licensing more and more HDR and 8k content
  • 4k Content Hub confirms new content sales agreement in the USA and in Japan
  • Performance on VOD platforms for our Bitcoin documentary is at an all-time high


  • VCG supported VR film festivals in Italy, Japan, Finland
  • VCG scored two major contracts with the French and German Government​. ​
  • VCG presented at various VR and investor events in Laval, Paris, London, Sydney, Cannes, Las Vegas​.
  • This video shows a few of the new projects we’re working on at VCG
  • 4k Content Hub invited by Discovery and imda to give a workshop in Singapore
  • 4k Content Hub as exhibitor with Screen Australia at MIPCOM
  • Korean VOD Deal for Yosemite on Fire
  • Won an award in Singapore for VR short film Tomorrow
  • Reseller agreement for our Best of UHD compilation in the USA
  • Our second successful Kickstarter campaign with 236 supporters
  • As Bitcoin price increases by 10 times, there is a resurgence in our Bitcoin documentary
  • Content Aggregation agreement with a major US VR platform
  • Upgraded hardware and software to increase service offerings across the VCG organisation. Now, we’re one of the few full-service studios in the sector
  • 8K co-production and three larger VR series
    in development with high-profile directors and partners​


  • Live broadcast of 360 degree music concert in Germany supported by VCG
  • VCG licensing agreement with multinational publisher
  • Ranked as top independent UHD BluRays in the German market (Wild Pacific)
  • Several license agreement with Sony’s Television Department in Tokyo
  • Licensing deals for Test my Ride, Yosemite on Fire, Moon Shots, The Wild Pacific, Reflections: Iceland, Ancient Angkor
  • VCG’s Paris office moved to a new cool location
    ​- Agreement with 4 high-level advisers to join ​the VCG Team
    ​- Launched several social media channels (facebook, twitter) for VCG


  • Part of the Australian delegation for MIPCOM
  • Signed first two VR / 360 degree package license agreements with clients in Asia and Europe
  • Published biography about Fidel Castro and another Cuba themed documentary
  • VCG has produced and collaborated on more than 150 projects to date. Boardmeeting in Berlin.
  • VCG wins another two awards (The VR Society)
  • Consulting agreement with WildEarth Media
  • Acquired two more UHD Blurays for German-speaking markets
  • License agreement for Yosemite Wild, Into the Cave of Wonders and Genet
  • More deals with hardware manufacturers for 4k HFR and HDR content
  • Co-produced three VR series



  • Citylights series licensed in Germany and Switzerland
  • Wild Gibraltar sold to an Eastern European VOD platform
  • Continue to work with Amazon on 4k DTO rights and some of our titles
  • Part of the Screen Australia delegation to Cannes
  • Negotiated with other firms to merge into a larger VR group. Boardmeeting in Paris.
  • Several public screenings of the Bitcoin documentary
  • Assisted Korean animation company to set up global co-production partnerships


  • CEO Torsten Hoffmann Torsten Hoffmann on extensive consulting project for Australian client
  • UHD BluRays published including Wild Pacific
  • Khumbu Valley licensed to Poland
  • Retail Display rights for a major TV manufacturer
  • Strategy to tackle Virtual Reality Market
  • Reflections Iceland licensed to a large US platform
  • Attended AIDC to pitch an Australian production about ancient history





  • Confirmed speaker at MIPTV (Cannes)
  • Signed up new films: Age of Hubble, Guardian Council
  • Partnered up with three other rights holders to have a very large combined Ultra-HD content portfolio for clients planning to launch a 4k service. We can now (on a case by case basis) also offer music concerts and feature films in native digital 4k.
  • Signed deals with a Latin American customer and a global VOD provider incl. films Khumbu Valley, The Genet, California Wild, Treasures of Thailand, Moon Shots, Auroras, Hayaku, Muay Thai Madness
  • Released more 3D BluRays from our American partner studio
  • Our list of 4k content buyers and potential licensees currently stands at 170.
  • Started to work with new sales agents in Spain, France and Australia
  • The compilation “Best of 3D” has now sold more than 80,000 units worldwide
  • Official partner and content supplier of the SD&A conference for the third year running
  • started development of further 4k documentary productions
  • submitted our own production Bitcoin; The End of Money As We Know it to about a dozen film festivals worldwide.
  • part of the Australian delegation to Asia’s largest documentary event

Nov/Dec 2014

  • Added part-time support staff for video editing work
  • Added part-time support staff for VOD and DVD reports because this part of our business is increasing
  • Ranked as No.1 3D BluRay label in Germany
  • Started to work with new Sales Agents in Eastern Europe, India, and Japan
  • Finished 4k edit of the documentary Ancient Angkor as co-producer
  • New 4k productions in our content lineup
  • Signed an output production deal for 900 minutes of sports broadcasts
  • Released a 3D compilation for kids in Germany
  • Acquired Home Entertainment rights for a new HD property for German speaking territories.
  • Focused more on HD rights exploitation with the help of international experts in the field.
  • Signed a footage supply agreement with Bloomberg Television for our Bitcoin documentary
  • Helped to facilitate two AVOD short-form content trials in Southern Africa and Germany
  • Started development for a history series based on the first episode of Ancient Angkor and the positive press coverage so far

Aug/Sep/Oct 2014

  • New representation agreements for the following films: Angkor, Liquid Notes, Bubbles, Travel Tales India, Galapagos, and more…
  • Our first 4k co-production, produced in Cambodia: Ancient Angkor 4k
  • Speaker at 3D and 4k conference in Paris
  • Interview shoots in New York, Cambridge and London for our first production
  • Part of the Screen Australia delegation to attend MIPCOM in Cannes
  • Licensed 4k content to 3 Eastern European countries, China, Korea, Germany, SONY and several VOD platforms
  • Main content supplier for new 3D VOD app 3Doo
  • Released a new compilation: Best of Animation, Space Intelligence and Wingsuit 3D
  • Media partner (third year running) at the leading Korean 3D festival: 3D KIFF . Atmosphere won the Shortfilm Grand Prize at the event
  • Licensed more 3D films to China and published an interview with experts in the market on our blog
  • Official Media Partner for 3D Music Fest in Barcelona
  • Established more relationships with regular HD buyers and distributors
  • Signed up 4 more new sales agents and sub-distributors
  • Signed an extension deal with an Asian IPTV platform to supply linear pay TV channels

May/Jun/Jul 2014

  • Acquired new films including 3D Flames, El Milagro, Hayaku, several 4k 60fps films, new shortfilms, new documentaries
  • Best of 3D BluRay was launched in more than a dozen territories through our partner NBC Universal
  • Invited as VIP buyer at a South Korean exhibition for animation content. Started acquiring kids content for Germany
  • Licensed eight 3D films including Black Forest, Aragon, Aloft, Fireworks, and Luigi’s Pizzaride to a large European customer
  • Official sponsor of a Chinese 3D Filmfestival and confirmed speaker at two European events
  • Our agent successfully sold Austrian Huskyman to Italy
  • Licensed more episodes of the Kalahari Meerkats series in HD and 3D to China
  • Most of our sales activities are now in 4k, but we see a renewed interest in 3D due to glasses-free 3D devices and Oculus-type of technologies
  • Acquired Home Entertainment and VOD rights to 8 films for Germany from a US partner
  • Changed and Upgraded internal processes regarding content delivery.
  • Hired Ben Woolley as support in Melbourne, Australia
  • Signed a supplier agreement with Amazon Instant Video
  • International Launch for Luigi’s Pizzaride and Ireland, The Celtic Way with Yabazam
  • Working with five VOD platforms to bring our 4k films to consumers.
  • The fourth installation of Best of 3D is ready to be released in Germany. This time with even more award-winning shortfilms and a special focus on animation
  • Successful Kickstarter campaign for our first own production with interview shoot in Melbourne, Australia
  • Initiated partnership with the largest Korean 3D festival to be media sponsor
  • Kings of Baja is now in selected theatres in the USA
  • Submitted various 3D films to various international film festivals

March/April 2014

January/Februay 2014

  • Aquired a large list of native 4k films
  • CEO Torsten Hoffmann travels to Los Angeles and attends Natpe in Miami
  • published a controversial introspection for the 3D industry on our blog
  • acquired our first live-action feature films
  • negotiating sponsorships and promotions for a Chinese 3D conference and the upcoming NAB show in Las Vegas
  • sold a fashion series in 2D to an international web channel
  • negotiations with seven 4k buyers in Asia
  • hired an intern to help with our first own production
  • started work on the fourth installation of the Best of 3D Bluray series

November/December 2013

September/October 2013:

July/August 2013:

  • First 4k Content Deal. is off to a good start. Website still under development
  • Started to work on the third release of the “Best of 3D” series.
  • Release of new innovative “3D Masterpieces” series with San Base as first title
  • Continued negotiations with new clients in Middle East, India and Eastern Europe
  • Package License Deal for 2D rights in Eastern Europe and more smaller 2D broadcasting deals for Fire Ants and Burma
  • Deployment of Basic 3D VOD Package continues
  • Our films (about 20 hours) are now available for VOD at Virgin
  • Preparing for two upcoming 3D festivals in the next few months
  • Licensed two episodes of Cubs ‘n Pups to a TV maker

June 2013:

  • Sold Angkor, Black Forest, Cosmic Journey and Fire Ants to a large European broadcaster
  • Licensed 3D Safari and 3Ddive to a global 3D channel
  • Licensed Alligator Kingdom, Easter Island, Flying Falcons, Hooked, Spirit of the Sea, Switchcraft to Yabazam
  • Fundraising Projects for two 4k 3D underwater projects incl. one IMAX film
  • Successful Release of Black Forest as 3D Bluray in Germany
  • Consulting Project to help a Government agency to evaluate 3D productions
  • Trip to Los Angeles and Hollywood for meetings with 4k producers and other partners
  • Sold VOD rights for Explore 3D series to China
  • Signed up more 3D wildlife productions and 4k 3D shortfilms
  • Moved offices within Australia

May 2013:

April 2013:

March 2013:

  • Acquired the Home Video rights for Black Forest 3D
  • Attached as exec producer and fundraiser for two more 3D projects
  • Acquired for resell a 3D shortfilm from a Oscar winning animation studio

February 2013:

January 2013:

  • Further cooperation with two 3D VOD companies
  • Sold two Extreme Sports films to a German label incl. Carnage
  • started strategic cooperation with an European 2D distributor
  • started working on a monthly show about 3D gaming, an overlooked genre that we also featured in a special guest article
  • published a widely read article “13 Important Tips for 3D Filmmakers”
  • signed up award-winning films Shine, Fireworks 3D, DANCE! and Cosmic Journey
  • started to work on numerous 4k content partnerships including Lichtmond2, Morph and Spirit of the Sea
  • Licensed Fire Ants, MicroPlanet 3D and Burma to a European distributor with a focus on digital download and streaming platforms
  • Announced closing of investment round for 5 more wildlife-centric 3D documentary projects in South Africa

Dezember 2012:

November 2012:

October 2012:

  • Licensed a large package of films to a Video on Demand platform in Israel
  • Published stats about blog readership
  • Signed up many award-winning films for next BluRay compilation
  • Finalized new 3D documentary Black Forest 3D
  • Licensed two films to Yabazam in USA
  • Signed new 3D production company for their film Urbanatix 3D
  • Working on one of the first 3D 4k projects in Korea
  • Interview with Black Forest 3D Producer
  • Featured in CreativeCow magazine as 3D producers ‘best friend’
  • Started work on two 3D projects in 4k resolution

September 2012:

  • Licensed 3Ddive, Kalahari Meerkats, Austrian Huskyman, BirdPark, Lichtmond, and Burma to a customer in Eastern Europe
  • Official partner at 3D Film Festival
  • Speaker and Panel Chair at the 3D Entertainment Summit
  • Localizing Kalahari Meerkats, Angkor - Land of Gods, and Diving in Paradise into the German language
  • Finalizing the international version of Bet on it.
  • Gave interview for Chinese TV broadcaster
  • Three of our films screened and our filmmaker Ikuo Nakamura won two awards at 3DFF

August 2012:

  • Publishing of our first 3D BluRays in 7 markets. Top Ten in Germany … read more
  • Sold ‘FireAnts’ to a German customer
  • Delivered a larger package of 3D documentaries to a French customer
  • Sold ‘BirdPark’ to a German BluRay customer and Licensed to release it in international markets
  • Signed large VOD package deal in the United Kingdom via our local agents
  • Confirmed Panelist at 3D Film Festival and the 3D Entertainment Summit

July 2012

  • Licensing agreement for twelve films with one of the largest VOD platforms on the planet
  • Aggregation VOD deal with a TV manufacturer
  • Our 3D feature film is in the official selection of the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival. Another trip to Korea

June 2012

  • WildEarth, ‘Carnage’, ‘Fire Ants’, ‘Alligator Kingdom’, ‘BirdPark’, ‘Explore 3D’, ‘Cars&Driving’, ‘Spirit of Bangkok’ sold to Hungary
  • Film ‘Yakel’ wins an award for Cinematography
  • ‘Cars&Driving‘ and ‘Lichtmond’ sold to a Korean TV manufacturer
  • Licensed ‘Kalahari Meerkats’ for BluRay release in German markets
  • Licensed the high-profile documentaries ‘Gods of Angkor’ and ‘Fire Ants’ for BluRay release in German and UK markets
  • Signing on ‘Bet on it’, ‘The Taste of Korea’, and …

May 2012

  • Fundraising and Distribution agreement with ‘BW Man’
  • One of our agents sold ‘BirdPark’ to a German broadcaster
  • One of our 3D rock concerts licensed to Poland
  • Signing on new 3D titles from the Car&Driving series
  • Meeting industry professionals in Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur
  • Exhibiting at a Korean content market (BCM) and watching The Avengers in 4D
  • Speaking about how to make Korean 3D content fit for the global market at the 3D International Fair in Seoul

Apr 2012

  • Animation title ‘Galaxy Shield’ sold to a 4D theatre
  • Alligator Kingdom licensed to a German broadcaster
  • Speaking at MIPTV in Cannes to industry professionals about monetizing 3D content.
  • Localizing five films from English into German
  • Attending NAB in Las Vegas
  • Strategic partnership with a 3D Footage specialist
  • Various meetings in Los Angeles area

Mar 2012

  • Almost seven hours of quality content incl. ‘Fire Ants’, ‘Alligator Kingdom’, ‘3D Africa’, ‘3Ddive’, ‘BirdPark’ and ‘Yakel’ licensed to a VOD platform in 5 European territories through our local expert (agent).

Feb 2012

  • More VOD deals in China
  • More new titles signed up

Jan 2012

  • 3D Content licensing deal in the Czech Republic
  • Hugo, Martin Scorseses film is changing the 3D industry
  • Relocated to Australia

Dec 2011

  • 3 Larger Deals with 10 hours of content licensed to two customers in China. More agreements with UK and German BluRay labels for ‘BirdPark’ and ‘Mideval Trip’
  • Film ‘Burma - Encounters in a Forgotten Land’ wins first prize at Korean 3D Film Festival

Nov 2011

  • Deal with a German BluRay label for two of our producers

Oct 2011

  • 7 of our films sold to a global TV manufacturer
  • Attending MIPCOM in Cannes

Sep 2011

  • Our Swiss partner signed a package deal with a US based VOD platform
  • Our agent in Israel sold titles from 3 producers in Israel
  • Home Entertainment rights of ‘3D Safari’ and ‘3Ddive’ now sold to UK/Ireland as well

Aug 2011

  • Our agent based in the UK sold a small package of 3D titles to Finland
  • 3Dsafari and ‘Austrian Huskyman’ sold to German BluRay labels