About 4k Content Hub


3D Content Hub is a world-leading content distributor specialized in stereoscopic 3D and native 4k titles. We help producers to earn cash for their films of all genres globally. For licensees we are the best one-stop destination to source high-quality 3D or 4k content. Founded by Torsten Hoffmann, 3D Content Hub is a small company with a large global network of award-winning film producers, agents, distributors, and customers. We now represent 50 producers, totalling around 200 hours, and have signed licensing deals with broadcasters, VOD operators, BluRay labels, CE manufacturers and other customers in 40 territories and counting. Follow our latest deals here.


TORSTEN HOFFMANN is a respected member of the global 3D community with multiple roles as consultant, presenter, moderator, jury member at festivals and recipient of various awards. He is a recognized expert for monetizing 3D and 4k content globally and is a frequent speaker at media events (Hollywood, Hamburg, Munich, Copenhagen, Cannes, Johannesburg, Capetown, Seoul, Paris, Dubrovnik, Adelaide, etc.). Torsten is also an investor and advisor to several technology and media start-ups and executive producer of documentaries and feature films. Torsten holds an MBA degree from the University of Oxford. He is now expanding the company into 4k (UHD), regular HD VOD libraries and works on several co-production and funding projects.

BRINDA PAUL has been in the media industry for the last 7 years. As a qualified lawyer, she in charge of the company’s legal and compliance matters. She is also responsible for the marketing and promotion of 3D & 4K titles, including Film Festival submissions. As of 2013, she has expanded her role into the production side, as the scriptwriter for the company’s best-selling 4k title ‘Khumbu Valley’ and is currently working with an established team of scriptwriters on the company’s first documentary production.

MORRIS HILLE is the Managing Partner for 3D Content Hub Europe and responsible for the company’s 3D Blu Ray label based in Berlin. He is coordinating the acquisition, design, packaging, manufacturing, and distribution for all our releases in German-speaking territories and is seeking to expand our operations into more markets in the future. Morris is also founder and CEO of MoContent GmbH with a 10 year track record in the VOD and Home Entertainment rights exploitation, particularly in Germany. Together with 3D Content Hub both companies are venturing to acquire interesting foreign properties (feature films, TV series, animation, documentaries) in order to exploit them in European markets. Morris is also actively promoting a large catalog of HD feature films internationally.

TIMO HOFFMANN is the Head of the European Headoffice based near Karlsruhe where he coordinates the logistics of all audiovisual materials and deliveries. He manages the company’s several online presences.

BEN WOOLLEY is Australian and based in Melbourne. He is responsible for the technical aspects of content deliveries and is also supporting with research tasks for the company. His largest project is supporting our first own documentary production which was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Ben’s passions lie in emerging technologies and independent film-making.

Headoffice: Melbourne, Australia
European Headoffice: Karlsruhe, Germany
3D BluRay Label Headoffice: Berlin, Germany
International Sales Offices: Seoul, Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Lyon, Helsinki, Milan, Istanbul, Athens, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tel Aviv, Kuala Lumpur